Saturday, November 12, 2011

Temporary Chanel

I've been considering a leather skirt for a while now but I haven't been able to find one in this damn city. This look is quite perfect. Proper school girl charm with the blouse buttoned all the way to the top, tucked into a pleated skirt. But then shes got those temporary Chanel tattoos wrapped around her thighs. I think they look hot because it puts a twist on that innocent look of hers and I'm all for that edge!

Those tattoos were first shown at the Chanel RTW S/S'10. I haven't really spotted many photos online of people actually wearing them but I think they're quite interesting. I would definitely wear them out at night if I'm going to the bar or something! Wearing them around the leg is a good idea but even wrapped around the wrist or upper part of your arm would be nice!

(via & stockholm street style)


  1. Love the skirt! Great blog! Following:)

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  3. This look is so amazing! I think the tattoos are the best part. It would be wonderful if Chanel made tights with the fake tattoo look.

    In response to your comment, Litas are surprisingly comfortable. The only down side of them is that if you step on a rock or an uneven surface you can lose your balance. Otherwise they're perfect and I can walk all day in them. They make you look WAY taller too. I'm 5'8" without them so I'm usually taller than everyone I know. But that doesn't bother me. Hope this helped :)

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  4. i think it'd be cute if it was on your wrist...

    & i love the whole black&white look. of course... the chanel too. that can never go wrong. haha

    enjoy your sunday!

    cindy - design3rd

  5. wohooo they are too cute :3
    anyway checkout mine if you have a chance sweety :)

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  7. I lOve that idea!! So creative :)

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  8. I'm looking for a leather skirt but I still can't find the perfect one! I adore the Chanel tattoo! Thanks for your lovely comment. I'm from England haha. I'd love to go to Canada at some point.

  9. awesome look!
    diggin' your blog too, now a follower :)

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  10. I am loving the leather skirt!

  11. love your blog. i absolutely love chanel, and if i were 10 years younger, i would've gotten that tattoo.. lol.



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