Sunday, November 13, 2011

Gray Hair Don't Care

Not to come off as some weird Anime fanatic or anything but what do you think about gray hair? I've seen some dye jobs gone terribly wrong but two of my favorite bloggers did it and it's so boss!

Christine from christeric

Juliett from MAFFASHION

It looks like Christine's gray color was done from the roots and not on her tips whereas Juliett dyed the tips of her hair gray. Following their example, I think people with short hair could pull off the first and second look and if you have long hair, the gray effect is best at the tips! They both have brown hair so it really surprised me how well the gray turned out with the brown tones. For those of you with black hair, the photo below is from the Jean Paul Gaultier Fall RTW 2006 of Du Juan, gives you a good idea of how to just make your hair a few shades lighter for the gray effect. I love it! I'm considering doing this to 1/3 of my hair to the tips!


  1. I like this, I think that it looks really good :)

  2. i love it buti think it works better with people who has brownish hair. Juliet styles is amazing.