Sunday, December 8, 2013


"I’m always hearing about people wanting the outcomes and rewards of other people’s hard work, talent , and yes sometimes even luck. But, rarely do I hear someone wanting to mimic their will, their hustle, their resolve. We’re often too focused on the material and forget the substance of a person. Their challenges, upbringing, history , relationships, etc. And these can be good and bad attributes. However, why not covet and lust for the character of others instead of their laurels.

We all want to be the best musicians, artists, chefs, athletes, actors, writers, stylist, bloggers, editors, influencers, models, gallerist, etc. Great, fun and noble shit for the most part, but it’s very rare that I hear, “I want to be the best fucking friend I can be, the best fucking dad, the best mom, the best partner, the best damn janitor, the best farmer, the best butcher, etc” The best whatever it fucking is that you can do and thrive at regardless of interest from others and potential acclaim (on and offline). This is what I believe the world is missing”A want of being missed. A lack of fear for the more than likely out come of being completely forgotten. A silent moment of self pride and self-love that comes from doing whatever it is you find the best thing for you to be doing with your time while living.

The beauty will follow."

Cleon Grey of Layon Bone Creative Manifesto 2013’ (via streetetiquette)

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