Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Highly regarded

- your impeccable playlist making abilities (wu-tang, masta ace, 9th wonder, theophilous london)
- style/fashion as a common ground
- no formalities
- our vulgar choices of conversation topics
- salt on your skin
- constant Sundays spent in bed, hungry, conversing and missing your games
- miguel - adorn, frank ocean - novacane,
- coffee, sweets and your presence on edo days
- attending events to find we are in matching attire and making you change
- the thin line between lovers & friends
- sharing a common past/experiences
- your unhealthy addiction for sneakers
- sharing dark secrets that provoke death by laughter
- your voice in my ear and usher's nice & slow just killing me softly
- wisdom I don't give you credit for
- the honesty, passion and mutual understanding
- the thought of you and everything that you've unexpectedly sparked in me

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