Monday, June 18, 2012

DIY With Nick Wooster

This video has been circulating the internet for a few months now but I still think it's brilliant. Nick Wooster teams up with Original Penguin to do a DIY on a men's classic, the chino. He uses spray paint to re-vamp some classic men's chinos and also goes beyond the pants to stencil on shoes and shorts. This is great inspiration as it gives these basics a more street wear flair. This is one of those simple but overlooked ideas that Nick Wooster executed really well. I love the penguin stencil on the pants, the neon polka dotted shorts and the detailed embroidery on the belt loops & pockets!


  1. Hey Connie!

    I love this video!!!! Definitely inspired to take a pair of my chinos and add my on twist to it!! I really like the military stripes on the shorts as well as the studs!

    thanks for sharing!


  2. thanks for you comment, what a great idea!!