Monday, February 20, 2012

The Militia

I have never been a fan of camouflage because when I was about 16 years old, a bunch of my older friends threw a huge party at a bar and the dress code was camouflage (puke). Since I had my in's with the people in the club scene, I attended but I definitely went against dress code and wore some tacky, revealing bar top in hopes that it would make me look 19. I know now how easy it is to spot a 16 year old girl at the bar because of what she's wearing and the terrible make-up she attempted to do. Doesn't fool anyone! Anyways, even though my style was a bit lost back then, I can still remember the horror of seeing camouflage everywhere that night. It really left a scar on me.

However, I was recently in the army surplus store looking for money belts and other things for my South-east Asia trip and saw the thousands of camouflage apparel they had. I saw this particular camo parka that had a bit of shearling on the hood lining and I couldn't get my mind off it since. I've been thinking of all the ways I could wear it and I found a ton of photos that has changed my mind on camouflage. Not that I would wear a lot of it but maybe just one parka is worth the room in my closet!



And the iconic Nick Wooster

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  2. I have never liked camouflage things either... but have recently seen some people pull it off quite well!

  3. Love the camouflage post. Big fan of Militaria. Love the other posts on your blog. Thank You, for the lovely comment on my blog. I followed you on both GFC and Bloglovin. I hope that you will like my blog and follow on both.

    1. Thank you so much! I did the same. Also, I saw that you have Viktor Vauthier linked to your page. I loooove his work!

  4. Camouflage can look sexy... but not always.. It just depends on so many things...:D
    Beautiful post!<3

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  8. Thanks for popping by my blog. I don't think I was a fan of camo until I saw this post. I'm loving it with the red bag combo, and ..that 'younger teenager chick's' oufit.. awesomeeeee! you deserve my bloglovin. hope you can love me back! xx

  9. these are fantastic looks... love all the men with the jackets!

  10. Me encanta las imagenes!
    un beso

  11. i was never into camouflage as well..i'm still not really liking it even to this day :(

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  14. great post! used to love camoflouge when I was young... I actually had everything in that army green! from shoes to my bag!
    nice to see it coming back again!
    xxx Marina

  15. The blond with the parka and the ray bans is my fav...I'm not much of a camo girl either.
    I'm following!

  16. dope post Connie!

    I started to wear camo last year and I think I am addicted, Too bad you had a bad experience but I'm glad you are willing to give it another try!

    There is something about females wearing camouflage , I think it shows confidence and swagger!


  17. I LOVE thi post I really really want a camoflage jacket so much they are amazing :) xx