Monday, November 21, 2011

Writings on the Wall

I am always amused, if not intrigued by Terry Richardson's photos. Not only does he give an inside to the various cover shoots of magazines or an intimate and sexy perspective of our favorite runway models, he is anywhere and everywhere! Here are a few recent shots of buildings/signs that he posted in his online diary that I found to be entertaining.

(via terry's diary)


  1. OMG -20°!!!!!!!! Ok i´m not complaining anymore about the weather after reading that! hahahahah.

    Terry is quite an artist, love his photography style.


  2. I either love or hate Terry Richardson's stuff...I've never seen anything of his that's NOT a human, so this is really interesting! I love urban decay photography, and these are pretty great.

  3. I love seeing posters and graffiti like this in the street, really makes you take the time out of your day to stop and think! Great blog :)

  4. Great pics!!