Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bad as Hell Eyebrows

There is something so alluring about Asian models with dark eyebrows. Maybe I have been fixated on them because I just recently started to darken my own eyebrows on a day to day basis and it transforms my look from "innocent" to "badass" haha just kidding but I do feel quite badass when I get them darker! Take these models for example, from sweet looking like Hyoni Kang to sophisticated like Liu Wen, slap some defined eyebrows on all of them and they're as bad as hell!

Wang Xiao

Hyoni Kang

Miao Bin Bi

Marcella Tanaya

Liu Wen

Daul Kim
(via fashiongonerogue, tfs, asiansinhighfashion)


  1. I feel like darkened eyebrows can go with so many different styles too, like fierce diva or grunge-y! I've always been a fan of thick, well defined eyebrows a la Audrey Hepburn so it's definitely got my vote! Thanks for the comment btw, following for sure!

  2. I would never leave the house without penciling in my brows! I think thats the one thing I couldn't live without (and shoes)!
    Great blog hun, definitely following!

    X Lydia X