Thursday, December 9, 2010

Top 15 Favorite Foods

I've been working out a lot lately and focusing more on my diet so I thought it would be fitting to do a post on the top 15 foods I loved most! Take into consideration that I am an Asian girl after all and that stereotype about how they LOVE food is undeniably true.

(in no specific order)
Popcorn! Esp from Kernels or the movie theatre

5 cent candies of EVERY kind
POUTINE - or anything covered in gravy really haha

Fried chicken dipped in gravy

SUSHI! Love love LOVE sushi! Esp salmon sashimi

Toast dipped in a sunny side up egg


Red Velvet Cake

Rare steak
Panini sandwiches with cheese, chicken, and etc

Chocolate chip cookies and milk (or oatmeal raisin or ginger molasses cookie)


Tako Yaki Balls (octopus balls)

Sweet potato fries

Fresh baked pretzels with salt and butter

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